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YE3 280S-6/8 Low Voltage AC 3-Phase Asynchronous Motor

IE3 3-Phase Asynchronous Motor YE3

YE3 280S-6/8 Low Voltage AC 3-Phase Asynchronous Motor

Frame size H280mm No. of poles 6P, 8P
Rated power 37KW/45KW Rated frequency 50Hz/60 Hz
Rated voltage 380V、400V、415V、660V、690V、220/380V、380/660V、400/690V
Insulation 155(F)/180(H) Grade Mounting type IM V1
Cooling type IC411 Connection △/Y
Duty S1 Energy efficiency IE3
Vibration ≤2.3mm/s Ambient temperature -15℃ ~ +40℃
Altitude ≤1000m Brand name SIMO MOTOR
Humidity Average monthly peak relative humidity is 90%

Note: Motors can be customized according to customer’s requirements.

    Motor Description

    • After receiving YE3 series low voltage asynchronous motor, after unpacking immediately to check whether there is any damage during transportation, and carefully remove the dust on the motor and the anti-rust coating at the shaft extension; if any damage is found, please inform the transporter immediately.
      Check and verify whether all the data on the nameplate meet the requirements, especially whether the voltage, frequency and speed are correct.
      Check whether the spare parts are completely assembled and whether the fasteners are loose or fall off. For the motor with shaft extension fixed device, the fixed device of shaft extension shall be removed first, and then the rotor shall be rotated by turning gear to check whether the rotation is flexible.

    Outline Dimensions


    Motor Parameters

    Type Rated Power kW Current/380V A Current/400V A Speed r/min Sync. Speed r/min Eff. % Power Factor Cosφ Locked torque Locked current Max. torque Rated Torque N•m Moment of Inertia kg•m2 No-Load Noise dB(A) Weight Kg
     Rated Torque Rated Current Rated Torque
    YE3-280S-6 45 86 81.6 990 1000 93.7 0.85 2 7.3 2 430 1.77 78 536
    YE3-280S-8 37 77.5 73.6 740 750 91.8 0.79 1.9 6.7 2 471 1.61 76 485