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YE4 280M-2468 Low Voltage AC 3-Phase Asynchronous Motor

IE4 3-Phase Asynchronous Motor YE4

YE4 280M-2468 Low Voltage AC 3-Phase Asynchronous Motor

Frame size H280mm No. of poles 2P, 4P, 6P, 8P
Rated power 45KW~90KW Rated frequency 50Hz/60 Hz
Rated voltage 380V、400V、415V、660V、690V、220/380V、380/660V、400/690V
Insulation 155(F)/180(H) Grade Mounting type IM V1
Cooling type IC411 Connection △/Y
Duty S1 Energy efficiency IE4
Vibration ≤2.3mm/s Ambient temperature -15℃ ~ +40℃
Altitude ≤1000m Brand name SIMO MOTOR
Humidity Average monthly peak relative humidity is 90%

Note: Motors can be customized according to customer’s requirements.

    Motor Description

    • When the pulley is assembled, hot sleeve method is allowed, but forced cooling is required to make the bearing temperature is not higher than 95℃. For YE4 series motor installed vertically, no other axial load devices are allowed for the shaft extension in addition to the belt pulley (or equal to the load of ordinary pulley). If the belt is too tight or installed improperly, the bearing will be heated and damaged, and the motor shaft may be bent and broken.
      A good ventilation and cooling condition shall be ensured for the installation site of the motor. Keep away from sunshine and rain. The motor must be installed on a firm and solid foundation, and reliable grounding shall be ensured. The motor grounding mark is located in the special position in the outgoing box, and is equipped with good grounding pole. There is one or two grounding positions on h315-355 motor and some special designed motor bases (the grounding device is installed according to the special requirements of users).

    Outline Dimensions


    Motor Parameters

    Type Rated Power Current/380V Current/400V Speed Sync. Speed Eff. Power Factor Locked torque Locked current Max. torque Rated Torque Moment of Inertia No-Load Noise Weight
    kW A A r/min r/min % Cosφ  Rated Torque Rated Current Rated Torque N•m kg•m2 dB(A) Kg
    YE4-280M-2 90 160.4 152.4 2980 3000 95.8 0.89 1.8 8.5 2.3 286.5 1.11 91 665
    YE4-280M-4 90 161.7 153.6 1490 1500 96.1 0.88 2 8.5 2.3 573 2.08 80 688
    YE4-280M-6 55 104.6 99.4 990 1000 95.1 0.84 2 8.5 2 525.3 2.68 78 605
    YE4-280M-8 45 93.9 89.2 735 750 93.4 0.78 1.8 7.9 2 573 2.35 76 674