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YE5 280M-2/4/6 Low Voltage AC 3-Phase Asynchronous Motor

IE5 3-Phase Asynchronous Motor YE5

YE5 280M-2/4/6 Low Voltage AC 3-Phase Asynchronous Motor

Frame size H280mm No. of poles 2P, 4P, 6P
Rated power 55KW/90KW Rated frequency 50Hz/60 Hz
Rated voltage 380V、400V、415V、660V、690V、220/380V、380/660V、400/690V
Insulation 155(F)/180(H) Grade Mounting type IM B5
Cooling type IC411 Connection △/Y
Duty S1 Energy efficiency IE5
Vibration ≤1.8mm/s Ambient temperature -15℃ ~ +40℃
Altitude ≤1000m Brand name SIMO MOTOR
Humidity Average monthly peak relative humidity is 90%

Note: Motors can be customized according to customer’s requirements.

    Motor Description

    • YE5 series ultra-efficiency 3 phase asynchronous induction motor should be always stored in the dry, vibration-free and dust-free indoor environment, and should not be stored in the wet warehouse with acid and alkali, rats or other easy corrosive gases. For the motor without being installed temporarily, the machining fitting surface (such as shaft extension and flange) of exposed parts of motor should be coated with anti-rust oil for protection in case of corrosion.
      For the motor without being installed and used for a long term, it is recommended to conduct no-load operation for 5 minutes every 3 months (if the conditions are limited, the rotor of turning gear should no less than 100 rpm) in case of grease or bearing failure caused by precipitation of base oil of lubricating grease.
      For motors not being operated over one year, the grease must be replaced before operation due to the limitation of lubricating grease warranty period. (The bearing of closed bearing should be replaced as per bearing type marked on nameplate.

    Outline Dimensions


    Motor Parameters

    Type Rated Power Current/380V Current/400V Rated Speed Sync. Speed Eff. Power Factor Locked torque Locked current Max. torque Rated Torque No-Load Noise Weight
    kW A A r/min r/min % Cosφ Rated Torque Rated Current Rated Torque N•m dB(A) Kg
    YE5-280M-2 90 159 151.1 2980 3000 96.6 0.89 1.8 8.5 2.3 287 91 641
    YE5-280M-4 90 160 152.3 1490 1500 96.9 0.88 2.0 8.5 2.3 573 80 737
    YE5-280M-6 55 104 98.4 990 1000 96.0 0.84 2.0 8.5 2.0 525 78 550